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What is the MintGate Season One Membership NFT?

The MintGate Season One Membership NFT is a community asset that represents a person's official membership in our community. The value of our Season One Membership pass will take shape through various forms such as special access to a number of different product benefits, member privileges and events within the MintGate community.

As our journey continues, our intention is to expand the value for our Season One pass for NFT holders to include unlockable access to new content, exclusive product features, and special member designations within our community. While there are no guarantees the value of a Season One Membership NFT will increase over time - as the MintGate community continues to grow, so does the likelihood of exclusive new features and benefits.

I don't have a crypto wallet or cryptocurrencies.

No problem you and your audience do not need a crypto wallet or any cryptocurrencies to get started. Our platform has multiple ways to log in. Either over an existing crypto wallet or through your email address or google account. The creation of a project as an NFT is completely free so you don't need cryptocurrency to create your first project. You also don't need a cryptocurrency to buy an NFT. Every white label has credit card purchasing support built in for NFTs priced above $5. However, if you still want to fund your wallet with a cryptocurrency you can do this directly through the app. We use USDC as the default cryptocurrency for orders.

What does it cost to use Mintgate?

It's completely free to get started on MintGate. When you sell an NFT, we take 10% from the initial sale. The hosting and maintenance of your app, domain, and content is covered. We don't take any cuts from secondary sales whether they are happening through us or a 3rd party platform.

What is USDC?

USDC is a digital dollar, also known as a stablecoin, it's tradeable 24/7 and moves at internet speed. USDC lives natively on the blockchain, running on the world’s most secure blockchains. Billions of USDC changes hands every day1, and every digital dollar of USDC can always be exchanged 1:1 for USD in fiat. You can buy USDC on your app through the account drawer if you'd like.

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