Gate the tools you use every day.

The Gate Swings Both Ways.

Unlockables for token holders

Token gating allows you to create unlockables that are only accessible for holders of an NFT or other token. Once this token gets traded the holder loses access to the content.

Create Unlockables for any token on 60+ chainz

Mintgate supports not only the creation of own NFTs with unlockable content. You can also create gates for your NFTs or token on over 60 Blockchains

Video, Audio, PDF, Text & WebLinks

Launch exclusive movies, songs podcast or write a book and sell it as an NFT. We support any media type and also web links. So you're creativity is the only limit!

All unlockables in one place

Creating your community storefront lets you're token holders discover all the unlockables in one place. Just by connecting the wallet you're users can see what they can access.

Manage & Update you're gates at any time

The admin dashboard of you're community page lets you update the content of a gate or add new gates to your NFT or token at any time.

More utility for NFTs and Social Tokens.

Unlockables are the best way to give NFTs or tokens utility that has real world impact. Create stunning digital or physical unlockables to increase the token value.

Turn your NFT or Token into a community!

Creating holders only access can turn your token into a true community. Go beyond discord and build a true community. Anywhere for anything!

Token Gating at its finest for NFTs with more utility than ever.

Turn videos, audio files, pdfs, links or event tickets into an unlockable, and make your content exclusive to your community. No need to like, share, subscribe for real engagement.

Add new ways for your fans to engage and earn.

No need for passwords. No need to login. Just hold the token! To access your blog, article, design board, video, album, website, or software your community just needs to buy and hold your token.