what's possible


Any Content to Match your Style

You can add any type of content to your project. Launch an album with additional benefits, like behind-the-scenes clips and unreleased songs, or develop a movie idea with your fans from scratch. There are endless possibilities.

Exclusive Content

Only NFT buyers can access the attached content. This is unique from other NFT minting platforms and gives your project the most utility at launch.

Post your public content where you normally do but make your behind-the-scenes, unique, or more exclusive work available only for your greatest supporters.

Mint Content as NFTs

NFTs are digital assets that can represent art, music, documents, videos, and more. NFT buyers can unlock this content, and you can always add more to increase the value of your NFT content bundle.

Mint your content as an NFT for benefits like royalties from secondary sales, public sales data to see active holders, built-in referral rewards for content resellers & deeper collaboration with your community.

Sale Management

Simple Inventory Management

After you launch your project and create your first NFT, you can add as much content to that NFT as you want. You can even launch it without having any content and add it later to reward early supporters that believed in your vision.

Adding more content to an NFT means the buyers get more value and reason to hold or resell their access. You can choose to increase this value or launch a new NFT project with similar or entirely different content for buyers to access.

Sales Goals & Promoter Payouts

Set goals for your sales to show your supporters how far you are from reaching it. Activate Promoter Payouts to enable referrals. Set aside a percentage of your sales so they go directly to your top referrers and promoters.

Open Sales or Limited Editions

Keep your sale open and sell to as many people who want to unlock your content. Or add a cap and make your content exclusive to a limited number of buyers.

Open Sales are best for projects with a lower price point seeking more buyers. Limited Editions are best for projects with a higher price point and an exclusive access list. Note that a limited supply could lead to bigger sales in a secondary market.


In Content We Trust

Since you're publishing your content through an NFT, users can resell it on the open market. Not only on their own white label but on any NFT Marketplace. All the while you earn royalties on these sales.

This gives followers a financial incentive to see you succeed! When you grow, your content becomes more valuable. Early supporters can sell their access at a profit to new users. It also gives all supporters more reason to promote you within their own social circle.

Earn with your Community

Affiliate rewards is flexible enough to be a standard affiliate program or something that funds your community endeavors. You can set as little or as much, up to 100%, of your sale to go back to your top promoters.

Build and fund your community by providing them a way to earn while actively supporting your work.

Activate Affiliate Rewards

Our affiliate rewards system comes built-in for any project. Just set a percentage to turn it on. Affiliates will receive the percentage you set from your sale each week.

If you set rewards to 30% and two people pushed an equal number of sales, they would evenly split 30% of that week's sales and you would receive the remaining 70%.

Reward your most active supporters by sharing your success with them!


Free Hosting Included

We don't charge for hosting your content or your white label app. Unlike other platforms, it's free to start and free to grow. We want to be your partner no matter the size of your audience. Mintgate just takes 10% on your initial sale. This allows us to offer you our service without a monthly subscription and aligns us with your success & growth.

Customizable Domain & Appearance

Having your own platform also means you can apply your style to it. Mintgate white labels are completely customizable. Change the font, colors, and even the border radius of the UI elements.

One Link to One App! Yours.

Build for your true fans on your own platform. Don't let your income rely on algorithms. Funnel your audience into one platform, a platform that you control. A platform where you have full ownership! Build your future!

Collaboration (coming soon)

Collaborator Management

Add more creators to your page to collaborate on content. If you are a company or a team you can add multiple users to manage one white label.

Sell Content from other Creators

You can copy content from other white labels and sell it on your page. This allows your fans to build a fan page where they can promote your content and earn along with you.

Or build curation pages and collect the best content. Are you a Creator Agency or Manager? Use this to show off your creators content!

Community Created Content

Allow your community to add content to your white label. Interact and collaborate with them. We blur the line between creators and fans!