Post-ETH Denver Mega Product Update

Since ETH.Denver, we are laser-focused on creating the best membership NFT platform. We’re merging our eye-catching UX and token gating compatibility to enable your small business, your community, and your next venture to set up NFT-based membership passes.

So what’s cooking in development?

Gasless Minting

Yes, you can now mint your membership NFTs for your community for free! We’ll cover your minting costs as you implement your first membership NFTs.

Go to Create Token to create an NFT today!

New Storefront Designs

In love with the MintGate chic designs? Well, MintGate has gotten more chic! Check out our latest whitelabel storefront designs! You can also feature an NFT on your storefront.

We were inspired by your desire to focus on the utility of the NFTs and accessibility of token gated content.

New Theme Editor

Want a bit more than our pre-set themes? We have simplified our new draggable theme editor and enabled more precise real-time previews.

Check it out here today!

Updated Wallet Login

We’ve updated our wallet integration for a more seamless login.

Create an account today!

What’s Next?

New admin panel with new sales dashboard

We’re making it more intuitive for you to navigate through all of the numerous MintGate functions — create an NFT, create a whitelabel, etc.

We’re also helping you better run your business by offering you NFT sales data.

No-click Login

Already have Metamask connected in Chrome? No problem, you’ll be able to connect to MintGate without any clicks.

Just come to MintGate and start working on your next membership NFT.

One-click, no wait minting

Free. No waiting. At the press of a button. How did creating NFTs become so easy? We’ll be launching our new one-click, no-wait minting for all membership NFTs in the next few weeks.