Community Update 2/8/22

We’re officially live on Polygon — create your own storefront with token gated content today! We’re also bringing our entire team to ETH.Denver and we have a special opportunity to promote our community.

Polygon Support

Mint NFTs Polygon now on MintGate!

Our Polygon integration is now live and you can create token gated NFTs with low gas fees! Check it out today!

Wanna present or get featured at our ETH.Denver Party?

We’re hosting a Gate Your NFT Party with our partners Unlock Protocol on Wednesday, February 16, 2021 at Stoney’s, 1111 Lincoln St. in Denver— and we would love to feature you. We’re looking for users who want to promote this work in any capacity.

DM Hannah | MintGate in Discord or DM us on Twitter by Thursday, February 10, 2022.

Dev Updates

Check daily feature and bug fix updates in #dev-updates in our Discord. We also launched a new closed live testing environment that we will invite community members to test any feature or bug fix updates.

Cheers to a better, bug-free MintGate!

New Layout

Check out our new Admin board layout and new Navigation! We’ll be launching a new V2 version soon with a more intuitive user flow and new token gating features.