No-Code store builder for NFTs & token gated content.

Create your own marketplace website for your unlockable digital content and ticketing access.

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NFTs &
Token Gates

Tokenize your content with NFTs. Create token gates so only the holders can access your content.


Build a home in the metaverse for your community

Create and sell NFTs.

Your community can collect and trade your content, while you earn royalties.

Token gate content.

Gate audio files, videos, pdfs, links or events with your NFTs or other tokens

Be the platform!

Launch an NFT Store with your own domain, contract and your branding.

Tokenize your content with NFTs

Turn videos, audio files, pdfs, links or event tickets into an NFT, and make your content exclusive to your community. No need to like, share, subscribe for real engagement. Token Gating at its finest for NFTs with more utility than ever.

- Zero gas costs minting
- Creator controlled royalties
- Automatically listed on Rarible
- Add unlockable content, sales goals and more..

Your custom fully featured store

Create an NFT Store to sell your creations with zero gas costs, set royalties or even launch a custom contract. Your NFTs will automatically be listed on MintGate and Rarible all in one step! Monetize on the first sale and every future sale forever!

- Your store with a own domain
- Custom branding and layout
- Set user permissions on who can create on your Store
- Profiles for your users
- Social features like follows and likes.
- Store Analytics

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Token gating

No need for passwords. No need to login. Just hold the token! To access your blog, article, design board, video, album, website, or software your community just needs to buy and hold your token.

Keep creating content on the platforms you know. Just add new ways for your fans to engage and earn.

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NFTs with utility

Tokenize your video, audio, pdf, or any other content and turn it into an NFT. Make your content exclusive to your followers. They can collect, trade and own what they love. You keep control over your content earn royalties on sales and you can move your content wherever you want. Finally a way for you to monetize platform independent!

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Your Store

Sick and tired of being just a profile page on another platform? Then Launch your own Page with MintGate under your domain and with your custom branding. In addition to that you can set up a custom contract for your NFTs and manage who can create on your store.

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Audio files, Videos, Movies, Web Links, PDFs, E-Books, Tickets...

...We do not have to say much about this. Create whatever you want and turn it into NFTs.

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Explore use cases of NFTs and token gates.

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Build an experience  your audience will love!

Be your own platform!
Start creating NFTs