Content Funding

Our focus is to simplify the path to launching your project. No technical experience is needed. You're done in a few clicks.

Community Rewards

Share your success with your biggest supporters by devoting a percentage of your sales to the people who helped carry you from start to end.

Sustainable NFTs

MintGate uses the eco-friendly Polygon blockchain and makes tokens simple.
Sell limited or unlimited content access.

Movie Project
16.000 USDC Raised
New Album
10.00 USDC Raised
Exclusive Noval
6.400 USDC Raised
Art Comic
21.000 USDC Raised
Finance Podcast
42.000 USDC Raised

Start any content project and fund it with the community.

Enable your community to earn and unlock value, both online and IRL. MintGate powers NFT-gated events and metaverse tickets, and token rewards on socials and content channels.

Connect & collaborate with your supporters

It is a new way for projects to fund their productions and reward their biggest supporters by allowing them to make money alongside them.

How about collaborating? Make content with other creators or allow fans to upload videos from your festival and share the upside together.

Kristin Watson
Earned $51 USD
Leslie Alexander
Earned $16 USD
Dianne Russell
Earned $6 USD
Kathryn Murphy
Bessie Cooper
Darrell Steward
Wade Warren
Theresa Webb
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‍e-commerce toolbox.

We offer an advanced no-code tool to simplify the smart contract development and deployment process, allowing you to launch your own NFT based content funding project.

You're in good company.

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