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Make Content special

Allow your audience to buy or prefund media that unlocks bonus content and perks.

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Create exclusive content and special perks.

Build your own micro site for exclusive content and community rewards based on NFTs. Bring your brand to the next level by empowering your community and drop them some specials.

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Kristin Watson
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Fund any project with your audience.

Let your community earn and unlock value, both online and IRL. Sell limited or unlimited access to your content through your own app. Movies, Shows, Videos, Art, Live Events & More! Get in touch with us to explore ideas.

Community Tasks
Create a Refferal Sale
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Let your community drive sales and hunt rewards.

Share your success with your biggest supporters by devoting a percentage of your sales to the people who promote your content. Build with other creators or allow your community to upload content to your app. Share the upside together!

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C.J Community
For Creators, Studios and Brands

A custom micro site for special content and perks.

Turn your content into exclusives and lock them behind an NFT. Rethink memberships or your rewards program with NFTs and unlockable content. You branded site can do it all.
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Your gateway to web3.

Custom brandable micro site
NFTs with unlockable perks
Tier system and user rewards