Token Gate Content.
Fund CREATORS with NFTs.

Create and sell gated NFTs to your community

Fund creators by prebuying NFT access passes

Your community can collect and trade, while you earn royalties

Token gate content

No need for passwords. No need to login. Just hold the token!

To access your blog, article, design board, video, album, website, or software your community just needs to buy and hold your token.

Keep creating content on the platforms you know. Just add new ways for your fans to engage and earn.

Create NFT access passes to Video + Audio

Upload a video, turn it into an NFT, and make your content exclusive to your followers. No need to like, share, subscribe for real engagement. Token Gating at its finest for Video NFTs and more.

  • Custom domain or
  • Custom branding and styling
  • Metrics on NFT access and purchases

A launchpad to fund NFT content

Create an NFT with zero gas costs, set your royalty percent, and automatically list your sale on MintGate and Rarible all in one step! Monetize on the first sale and every future sale forever!
  • Zero gas costs minting
  • Creator controlled royalties
  • Automatically listed on Rarible
  • Add unlockable content over time to your NFTs

What people say about us

Very impressed with @mintgate_io Great tool for turning any content into a monetized-gated version of it: "Tokenised Patreon & Functional NFTs". Basically, a must-have for growing your social creative capital.
Going to try out @mintgate_io amazing technology and live stream another session today at 3pm EST for those who have 400 $FIRST or more.
Easiest tool to get started with token gated access is @mintgate_io they are defining this new space that will dethrone substack and creator leeching intermediaries.
...we use @mintgate_io for token-gated access to content. They also allow have a social token creator. Check em out 😉
projects like @mintgate_io are in line to become the "people's publishers," our relied upon "trust locales," and other purveyors of traditionally "institutional services," amidst a fundamentally new paradigm for human coordination.
@mintgate_io 🔐 Really dig Token Protected Pages with #NFT access.

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